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The Cocoa Butter Club showcases and celebrates performers of colour within cabaret, and is a show-stopping tour-de-force.

With performances from:

Sadie Sinner, Cassie Leon, Demi Noire, Chiyo, Amazí, Zaki, MisSa Blue, Lilly SnatchDragon, Vanity Milan, Jada Love, BollySass, Aka Kaajel Patel & BollyIllusion, Onyx Fatale and Rhys’ Pieces.

This event will be streamed on Facebook.

Sadie Sinner

As a velvet-toned songbird or powerhouse of a host, “a bad girl with a good voice and a lot of loving to give…”, Sadie Sinner is a creative force! Founder and curator of The Cocoa Butter Club, Sadie performs a seamless repertoire bursting with the RnB, Blues, Jazz, Motown, Funk and Neo-soul that raised her. Sadie brings entire rooms to their feet- her vocals and vibe, compelling them to dance the night away!

Demi Noire
Demi Noire
She /Her
IG: Demi_noire; Facebook: Demi Noire

Demi Noire, the soul sista of burlesque. Ranked No25 most influential burlesque artist world wide in 21st Century Burlesque Magazine 2019. A London based performer who brings sexy, funny, and powerful characters to the world of burlesque and cabaret.

Cassie Leon
@Cas_Phoenix/ @thecocoabutterclub

I am currently a freelance theatre and cabaret producer who specialises in centring performers of colour, this includes securing funding, ensuring representation and doing the talking.


London’s Award-Winning Prinx of Provocation. Chiyo is the UK’s trailblazing King, redefining both what it means to do Drag and, in their words, what it means to be “sexy”.

IG @amazihoops/ FB @amazihoop

Amazí is a hula-hooper with a twist. Originating from East London Amazí draws from her West African roots to inspire her vibrant costumes and performance style, with a touch of mystery. A full time hula-hooper, fire performer and roller-skater, she is also Head of Performance for Guinness World Record Holding hoop troupe Marawa’s Majorettes.

Zaki Musa

Zaki Musa is an award-winning aerial performer, choreographer and all-round circus artist. Originally from Singapore, he is now London-based and performs with the intention to explore themes surrounding identity, masculinity, sexuality and ethnicity in his performances.

MisSa Blue
Facebook: Livia Alour; Instagram: MisSa Blue; Twitter @missa_blue

MisSa Blue the iconic Variety and Burlesque star who has gained international recognition through her high end sword swallowing performances since launching her career 2010 in London. She headlines Gala events, Variety shows and Burlesque festivals around the world. MisSa has played leading roles in top Variety Theatres like the GOP in Germany, is frequently interviewed by television and radio stations like the BBC and has her own TEDx talk online. She has an active political voice supporting black Performance Art, is pioneering in the Burlesque world with her invitation as first sword swallower at The Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas and will release her first solo show ‘Rising of the Black Sheep’ this July.

Vanity Milan
Instagram: ItsVanityMilan
Facebook: ItsVanityMilan
Twitter: MilanVanity

Vanity Milan the newest drag queens on the scene by competing in a drag competition called The Crown in 2019 organised by TuckShop. Vanity Milan is always finding ways to give her audience the best experience, from her fierce lip-syncing to her dance moves that will have you will leave you wanting more. All while serving the children Nothing but pure BLACK EXCELLENCE and always representing for the people of colour.

Jada Love
She /Her/They
SM: Instagram @jada_love_the_performer
Facebook: Jada Love

Rising International star Jada Love is a Neo Burlesque, Gorelesque Performer who delivers sexy, dark and mysterious vibes whilst injecting comedy, lip sync and cheeky charm into her acts. Seducing you with her sultry and hypnotising moves, she is always bringing something different to the stage. Performing all over the UK building up quite a following.

BollySass aka Kaajel Patel & BollyIllusion
Anthony – he/him
Kaajel – she/her

Bolly Illusion & Baby Dhal join forces to bring you Bollysass: A Bollywood drag collective.

Onyx Fatale

Since winning Burlesque Idol 2018, Onyx Fatale made an impact on the Cabaret world, bringing her sassy energy to every stage she hits. A UK based dancer and comedian, and a proud member of The Cocoa Butter Club collective and The House of Burlesque, Onyx embraces cabaret and burlesque and makes a new style. She prides herself into shocking the audience with enough energy that they will be wanting more.

Rhys’ Pieces

Rhyss’ Pieces is a one person cabaret troupe from east London. They are a dancer; rapper; lip-syncer; host; gender-bending drag act and burlesque artist who is capable of terrific fierceness or exquisite softness. Over the last 3 years they have risen through the London scene, having won 2018s Lipsync 1000 and being awarded 2019s Best Variety.



Elżbieta faces two years in prison for owning a poster of the Virgin Mary with a rainbow halo on it. She stands against hate. She stands against discrimination. Will you stand with her?

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